About Counselling

We can all find life hard at times. It can throw up difficulties that feel overwhelming and out of our control.

My counselling sessions support adults and teenagers through challenging times, helping them to restore balance and personal power.

How can counselling help me?

Counselling is effective and empowering.

Benefits of counselling include:

Increased confidence

Reduced anxiety

Raised self-esteem

Greater resilience

Feeling of empowerment

Elevated mood

Feeling of being back in control

Purpose in life

Strengthened relationships

Common Issues


Negative thoughts

Obsessive behaviour

Feeling like you can't cope

Symptoms / panic attacks


Loss of interest

Feeling subdued or numb

Sense of hoplessness

Feeling stuck

Autism (Asperger's)

Feeling like you don't fit in

Anxiety and anger

Relationship difficulties

Sensory issues




Loss of identity

Disbelief and anger

How Therapy Works